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Also known as: Kish, Noidecs T17
Medical Indica Indica THC 17% CBD -

Discover the enchanting Shishkaberry cannabis strain, affectionately nicknamed "Kish". This Indica marvel springs from the union of DJ Short Blueberry and an unknown Afghani strain, birthing a powerhouse of relaxation and flavour. Shishkaberry has earned its place in the spotlight with its compelling effects that blanket users in tranquillity, alongside an irresistible profile that melds notes of berry, blueberry, and a sheer sweetness into a delightful experience.

Renowned for its formidable ability to combat stress, anxiety, and pain, Shishkaberry is a go-to choice for medical cannabis patients seeking solace and relief. The allure of this weed strain isn't just its therapeutic potential but also its captivating sensory experience. As a cannabis strain, Shishkaberry offers an unforgettable journey from the first inhale, weaving through a tapestry of fruity aromas, to a serene state of mind. Embrace the berry goodness and tranquillity with Shishkaberry, where each puff is a step towards bliss.

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