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Ice Cream Cake

Also known as: ICC
Indica Indica THC 22% CBD 1%

Dive into the creamy delight of the Ice Cream Cake cannabis strain, affectionately known as ICC, a premium Indica weed strain celebrated for its decadent lineage. Born from the union of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, Ice Cream Cake inherits a legacy of tranquil strength and aromatic bliss. Renowned for its deeply soothing effects and a delectable flavour palette of rich vanilla, creamy butter, and sweet undertones, this strain has quickly ascended to fame within the cannabis community.

Ice Cream Cake's claim to fame lies in its unparalleled ability to relieve Anxiety, Stress, and Pain, making it a cherished option for medicinal use. Users report an immediate wave of relaxation, coupled with a euphoric buzz that gently lullabies discomfort away.

With its luscious flavour and potent effects, the Ice Cream Cake weed strain stands as a towering example of cannabis craftsmanship. Whether for leisure or therapeutic use, it promises a smooth, flavourful journey into relaxation.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Reviews

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Very good for UK

5 out of 5 stars

I found my experience with Ice Cream Cake enjoyable! Smell was good, taste was wonderful!

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