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The UK Cannabis Strains Database

Take a look at a selection from our extensive weed strain database below. It's a library, featuring a broad array of over 6,000 cannabis strains. It's an excellent place to start if you're curious or fancy learning a bit about some of the sheer variety of weed strains that are out there. And if you fancy an even deeper delve into the world of the best cannabis strains, we've got you covered. Find new weed strains now!

Cannabis has been proven in countless studies to exhibit a number of beneficial medicinal qualities. They are weed strains to help with (in no particular order) Pain relief, management of chronic pain, alleviation of nausea and vomiting especially related to chemotherapy, appetite stimulation in conditions like HIV/AIDS, symptomatic relief in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, decrease in intraocular pressure in glaucoma, improvement in sleep disorders, help with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizure reduction in certain types of epilepsy, potential mitigation of opioid withdrawal symptoms, possible anti-inflammatory properties, potential neuroprotective properties, potential benefits in conditions like Tourette syndrome and Parkinson's disease, potential aid in managing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Crohn's disease, possible help with anxiety management, and many more.

We've listed conditions above that weed strains may help with, and you can click an icon to browse all strains in the appropriate category.

Different cannabis strains can have different effects on people, making them feel in all sorts of ways. Some folks feel happy and euphoric when they light up the best weed strains. It's like a wave of joy washes over them, and they can't help but smile. Others find that some weed strains make them super relaxed. All the tension drains from them, and they can chill.

Some people notice that time seems to move differently when they're enjoying one of the best weed strains. Minutes can feel like hours, and time seems to stretch out. Others find that their senses are sharper and more alive. Food tastes better, music sounds amazing, and even colours can seem brighter.

Weed strains can also make people giggle a lot or become chatty. You might find yourself cracking up at the smallest things or chatting non-stop about everything and anything. And, of course, there's the munchies. Some people get a real appetite boost and can't stop snacking.

These are just some of the effects people have reported after enjoying the best cannabis strains. Click on an icon above to see all the weed strains reported to cause that feeling. Whether you're after a particular effect or just curious to see what's out there, this is a great way to find the right strain for you.

UK weed strains come in many different flavours, all thanks to the natural compounds - terpenoids and flavonoids - found in the cannabis flowers. The distinct flavours contribute significantly to the uniqueness that sets each weed strain apart from the rest.

You've got cannabis strains that taste and smell like pine, giving you that fresh forest vibe. Some weed strains might hit you with a bright and zesty citrus kick. You've got others with a clean and cool minty taste or the sweet tang of berries and tropical fruits. Some strains even have a soothing floral touch of lavender or a rich, earthy aroma that's grounding.

Some punchy cannabis strains have a bold diesel scent matched with fiery, spicy, or strong herbal smells. If you like something more edgy, try a cannabis strain with a peppery, musky, or skunky kick. If you fancy something sweeter, there are strains with a sweet, woody, cheesy, grapey, rosy, mango-like, or lemony taste.

The choice is yours! Click on the icons above for the flavour you're interested in. Each one will take you to a list of the best cannabis strains that carry that particular taste or smell. Whether you're looking for something familiar or new, this is your chance to explore the exciting world of cannabis flavours.

Terpenes not only impart the majority of the flavour and aroma of weed, but they also play a significant role in the effects that certain cannabis strains can offer, influencing mood and physical sensations. When consumed, some folks feel uplifted and energetic thanks to terpenes like limonene, known for its mood-enhancing properties. Other terps, like myrcene (also found in hops and lemongrass), can produce soothing, relaxing effects, helping people unwind and relieve stress.

Many people also report altered sensory experiences when enjoying the best cannabis strains, and this is at least partly due to terpenes! Strains rich in pinene can make environments feel more vivid and immersive, sharpening senses and increasing alertness. Meanwhile, linalool, a terpene also found in lavender, might enrich the experience by making time feel more fluid and enhancing the perception of music and colours.

UK weed strains high in terpenes like terpinolene can lead to bursts of creativity and sociability, making users more talkative and prone to laughter. This terpene can turn an ordinary conversation into a long-winded, rambling exchange full of giggles. And then there's the appetite stimulation: terpenes like humulene can either curb or intensify cravings, contributing to the infamous munchies that make snacks irresistible.

These are just a few ways terpenes impact cannabis's amazing effects. Click on one of the icons above to explore weed strains rich in your chosen terpene and discover how they might make you feel. If you are searching for a specific sensation or just exploring your options, understanding the terpene profile of each UK cannabis strain is key to finding the perfect option for your needs.

Discover Your New Favourite Weed Strains

Discover your perfect cannabis strain with Strains UK. Our comprehensive and regularly updated database of over 6,200 strains helps you explore a wide variety of both global and UK cannabis strains tailored to your needs, whether for recreational or medical use. Plus, you can read and leave reviews for your favourite weed strains, sharing your experiences and benefiting from the insights of other users. This community-driven approach ensures you find the best strains for your preferences and conditions, enhancing your cannabis journey with real, trusted feedback.

Some of our Favourites

This section contains some of our favourite weed strains to be listed on the Strains UK website. Cannabis is a favourite go-to for many due to its diverse range of positive effects. Weed strains can provide feelings of euphoria and relaxation, enhance sensory perception and promote laughter and talkativeness, which many find enjoyable for social situations. UK cannabis strains can increase appetite, making it appealing for culinary experiences. Its potential medicinal benefits, such as pain relief, anti-nausea effects, and anxiety management, are significant factors for those seeking alternative therapies. Moreover, for some consumers with specific medical conditions, the best weed strains offer relief where traditional medications may fall short or produce undesirable side effects.

Explore Medical Cannabis Strains

Strains UK is also your go-to resource for discovering and reviewing medical cannabis strains available in the UK. Our extensive database includes detailed profiles of various weed strains prescribed for medical use, helping patients find the best options for their specific conditions. By reading and leaving reviews, you can gain valuable insights from other medical cannabis users, ensuring you make informed decisions about your treatment. This feature not only enhances your knowledge but also contributes to a supportive UK medical cannabis community where experiences and recommendations can be shared openly.

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