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Platinum Jelly

Also known as: Platinum Jelly Breath
Hybrid Hybrid THC 15% CBD 2%

Discover the Platinum Jelly cannabis strain, affectionately known as “PJ” among enthusiasts, a remarkable Hybrid with an illustrious lineage. A masterful blend of the renowned Grape Jelly and Platinum Kush, this weed strain offers a rich tapestry of genetic excellence. Platinum Jelly is celebrated for its unique fusion of skunk, grapefruit, and chestnut flavours, creating an unforgettable sensory experience. Not just a treat for the palate, its effects are equally revered, providing a balanced euphoria that melts away stress and uplifts the spirit.

Medical cannabis patients often turn to Platinum Jelly for its therapeutic benefits, finding solace in its ability to alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety, and cramps. This makes PJ not just a pleasure to partake in recreationally but also a valuable ally in managing certain health conditions. With its enticing flavour profile and potent effects, the Platinum Jelly weed strain stands out as a hybrid cannabis strain of choice for connoisseurs and medical users alike.

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