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Pineapple Chunk

Also known as: Pineapple Skunk and Pineapple Chunk
Hybrid Hybrid THC 19% CBD 1%

Dive into the world of the Pineapple Chunk cannabis strain, a remarkable Hybrid marvel also affectionately known as "Pineapple Cheeze". A potent mix of genetics from its parent strains - Pineapple, Cheese, and Skunk #1 - gives birth to this illustrious weed strain. Pineapple Chunk is celebrated for its incredibly unique flavour profile that masterfully blends notes of sweet pineapple with undertones of cheese and skunk, delivering a sensory experience unlike any other. Its fame doesn't end there; this cannabis strain is also widely acclaimed for its powerful effects, offering a robust sensation that aids in alleviating stress, pain, and anxiety, making it a favourite among medical cannabis users. With its tantalising flavours and versatile medical applications, the Pineapple Chunk weed strain stands as a testament to the intricate art of cannabis cultivation and strain development, waiting to envelop you in its exotic embrace.

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