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Oreo Mintz

Also known as: Oreoz and Oreo Cookies
Hybrid Hybrid THC 20% CBD -

The Oreo Mintz cannabis strain, affectionately known amongst enthusiasts as simply 'Mintz', emerges as a captivating Hybrid marvel, intricately woven from the genetic tapestry of its illustrious parent strains, Cookies and Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip. Renowned for its exceptional sensory experience, Oreo Mintz dazzles with a harmonious blend of mint, woody, and flowery notes, crafting an aroma and taste that's as refreshing as it is comforting.

Esteemed for its potent effects, this cannabis strain is celebrated for delivering an euphoric uplift that can soothe the mind, alleviating symptoms of Depression while its invigorating energy combats Fatigue. Moreover, its ability to stir the appetite addresses Lack of appetite with remarkable efficacy. The Oreo Mintz weed strain stands out not just for its delightful flavour profile, but also for its versatile medical applications, underscoring its uniqueness in the cannabis community.

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