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Mike Larry

Also known as: Mike Larry OG and Mike Larrry
Hybrid Hybrid THC 22% CBD 1%

Introducing the Mike Larry cannabis strain, affectionately nicknamed "Mike Larry" by its enthusiasts, this hybrid weed strain is a marvel of genetics. Born from the crossbreeding of Gelato #45, Larry OG, and Girl Scout Cookies, Mike Larry delivers a complex lineage that results in its distinctive characteristics. Renowned for its unique flavour profile that combines the sharpness of ammonia, the freshness of pine, and the robustness of diesel, this cannabis strain offers a sensory experience that's as profound as its effects.

Mike Larry is celebrated not only for its intriguing taste but also for its ability to induce a euphoric and relaxing high, making it a favourite among those seeking solace from the clutches of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD. As a hybrid cannabis strain, it skillfully balances cerebral stimulation with physical relaxation, providing a versatile solution for both medicinal and recreational users. With its rich genetic background and notable effects, the Mike Larry weed strain stands out as a distinctive and beneficial choice for a wide range of cannabis aficionados.

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