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Master Kush

Also known as: High Rise, Grandmaster Kush, Purple SoCal Master Kush, Tilray
Medical Indica Indica THC 17% CBD 1%

Introducing the Master Kush cannabis strain, affectionately known as "High Rise", this potent Indica weed strain descends from a noble lineage of Hindu Kush and Pure Skunk. Master Kush is celebrated worldwide for its remarkable sedative effects and a flavour profile that marries pungent, spicy-herbal, and earthy tones into a singular aromatic experience.

Esteemed not only for its sensory journey but also for its therapeutic virtues, Master Kush offers solace to those battling Stress, Anxiety, and Pain, making it a revered option in medical communities.

The Master Kush cannabis strain stands out as a pinnacle of relaxation. Its genetics weave a rich tapestry of tranquillity, enveloping users in a serene embrace that underscores the profound heritage of its origins. With each inhalation, enthusiasts are transported to a world where ease overcomes turmoil, exemplifying the quintessential Indica experience. Dive into the opulent depths of Master Kush and discover a sanctuary in every puff.

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