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Also known as: Intergalactic OG and Intergalactic Kush
Hybrid Hybrid THC - CBD -

An exotic voyage awaits with the Intergalactic cannabis strain, a hybrid bursting with dynamic flavours and soothing effects. Craftily engineered by blending the legendary Galaticus & Sunburn strains, this celestial breed leaves users starstruck.

Intergalactic is a one-way ticket to a tantalising universe of sensations, applauded for its extraordinary fusion of pine, plum, and nutty flavours which are as spell-binding as the swirling galaxies. The strain's electrifying potency ushers in profound tranquillity, alleviating the mind from anxieties and the body from the shackles of pain.

As a weed strain, Intergalactic transports recreational users to exuberant astral planes. Yet, it's in the medicinal sphere that this cannabis strain shines as a celestial body, proving superlatively effective for anxiety, depression, and pain. Overall, the Intergalactic cannabis strain is your boarding pass to a universe where blissful relaxation and heavenly flavours intertwine, creating a nebula of incomparable delight.

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