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Introducing the Dog Shit cannabis strain, an unconventional Hybrid also affectionately known as simply "Dog Shit". This intriguing weed strain emerges from a complex lineage, combining powerful parent strains to craft its unique profile. Dog Shit is recognised for its distinct woody, sage, and earthy flavour palette that surprisingly transcends its off-putting name.

Notoriously famous across cannabis circles, Dog Shit is lauded for its potent effects. Users report a balanced blend of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation, making it a favourite among those seeking both recreational buzz and therapeutic relief. Commonly utilised to combat stress, depression, and pain, the Dog Shit cannabis strain offers a versatile solution to a variety of ailments.

Despite its questionable name, the Dog Shit weed strain has carved out a niche for itself with its distinctive taste and multifaceted benefits. Whether you're looking to unwind or find solace from physical discomfort, Dog Shit promises a uniquely memorable experience.

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