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Animal Cookies

Also known as: Animal Crackers
Hybrid Hybrid THC 19% CBD 1%

The Animal Cookies cannabis strain, also affectionately known as ‘Animal Crackers’, is a captivating Hybrid born from the legendary lineage of GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Fire OG. This potent combination gifts Animal Cookies with its remarkable genetic heritage, embodying the best of both worlds in its effects and flavour profile.

Renowned for its arsenal of effects that soothe both mind and body, Animal Cookies stands out for its sweet, pungent, and earthy notes that delight the senses. Its recognition comes not only from its rich, complex taste but also from its powerful impact on stress, pain, and anxiety, making it a go-to for medical cannabis users seeking relief.

As a weed strain, Animal Cookies is celebrated for its dense, frosty buds that promise a deeply relaxing experience, characteristic of top-tier cannabis strains. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, the Animal Cookies cannabis strain is a remarkable choice for those in pursuit of tranquillity and comfort, encapsulating the very essence of what makes a Hybrid strain truly exceptional.

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