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Unveiling the Z Cube – a strain that promises an unparalleled cannabis experience. A delightful blend of the iconic Zkittlez and OG Kush, this British marvel is a testament to masterful cultivation and genetic brilliance. Its dense, tight buds are a visual feast, promising quality at first glance. A whiff of Z Cube beckons with a rich, fruity aroma, reminiscent of its Zkittlez lineage but enhanced with the intensity of OG. On the palate, it’s a dance of terpenes – with the sweetness of fruit meeting the boldness of spices. And its effects? Nothing short of transformative. Whether you seek recreational euphoria or therapeutic solace, the Z Cube promises to deliver and then some.

Z Cube may help with the following conditions*

Strain Breakdown


Z Cube’s exterior showcases a mesmerising exhibition of nature’s art. These dense nuggets of verdant delight are a testament to the magic of cultivation. Weighty, taut, and holding a form that promises an experience beyond the mundane, they are reminiscent of the impeccable buds found in California dispensaries. A vibrant flower radiating with hues, Z Cube showcases big, stunning green blossoms tinged with a bright lime shade and striking orange strands.


The Z Cube unfurls an odyssey for the olfactory senses. It inherits the characteristic fruity sweetness of its Zkittlez parentage but amplifies it with a certain intensity, perhaps a nod to the OG genes in its DNA. Even without disturbing its natural state, the Z Cube promises an aroma that’s both rich and complex.


On the palate, Z Cube is a symphony of flavours. The terpene-driven taste dances across the tongue with each bong hit, reminiscent of the arresting flavours of the Blue Dream strain from yesteryears. Whether vaporised or smoked traditionally, Z Cube never disappoints, delivering both sumptuous taste and smooth hits.


Z Cube’s effects are both profound and multifaceted. Despite its strong sedative leanings, it imparts a deep sense of serenity, akin to a peaceful dalliance with nature. A giddy euphoria isn’t far behind, lifting the spirits and painting a joyous smile. Its potency is undeniable, ensuring users are entangled in its embrace for hours.


For the green-thumbed enthusiasts, Z Cube is a pleasure to cultivate. Adaptable across various environments, it boasts a flowering cycle of 52 to 61 days. Within controlled greenhouses, the plants reach a modest 30-60 inches, while open-air cultivation allows them to stretch up to 80 inches. A moderate yield can be expected roughly 62 days post-germination.


Z Cube’s terpene profile is a fragrant mosaic of nature’s aromatic marvels. The dominant Limonene bestows the diesel scent with undertones of fresh citrus fruits. Linalool, known for its lavender-like aroma, brings in fragrances of grapefruit and berries. Bisabolol contributes to the sweet and spicy herbal scents. Caryophyllene, although present in lesser quantities, adds a dash of spice. Combined, these terpenes promise an olfactory journey as captivating as the Z Cube strain.

Medical Properties

Beyond recreational use, Z Cube offers therapeutic benefits. Its potent tranquilising effects make it an ally for MMJ patients grappling with bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s a strain that promises solace, comfort, and peace to those in dire need of reprieve.


In summation, Z Cube stands as a paragon among cannabis strains. Its impeccable appearance, tantalising aromas, delectable taste, profound effects, and potential therapeutic benefits make it a strain worthy of the highest commendation.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 6, 2023


Strong, dense nuggets of delicious-looking bud – the ZCube looks absolutely fantastic. Weighty and tight, the buds hold their own shape and are completely organic, yet surpass the appearance of PGR-laden boulders.

Despite being trimmed using a trim bag the nugs have come out perfectly, just like you’d see in a dispensary over in California.

But rest assured this is UK bud – grown here, not flown here.


The ZCube has a tremendous aroma, carried over from the ZkittleZ but with a bit of oomph added into the mix, likely from the OG side of the genetics.

The familiar fruity sweet smell is as rich as it is distinguishable, this is clearly a ZkittleZ cross – and I actually forgot to break open the bud in the aroma section of the video due to it already smelling so rich and complex without the need for agitation.


The flavour of the ZCube is delicious through a bong, with the terpy taste appearing early during the exhale. This gives the vapour a run for its money and the ZCube also tastes fantastic in a joint.

I get the same sweet deliciousness that made me stop and take note of the Blue Dream cannabis strain back in 2017.

The smoking and vaping experience is great because this one tastes so good, plus it hits smoothly.


With strong body-less effects the ZCube can be noted as relaxing, but this strain also enduces a sort of serenity – I felt at peace with the world after smoking it.

Also present is the happy sort of feeling I get from most cannabis strains, so this also put a smile on my face. It was reasonably strong, kicking in after about 3 or 4 minutes with a wave that continued for over an hour.


Top marks for ZCube from me, this strain delivers fantastically in all areas of the review. 2020 was a great year for strains, and ZCube is up there!


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**Consumers have reported these possible side effects. However it is important to note that cannabis affects everybody differently, and a majority of consumers report not experiencing side effects when consuming cannabis.