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OG Kush

Also known as: original gangster kush, ocean grown kush, Adven® Cura-18 T27
Medical Hybrid Hybrid THC 18% CBD -

Embark on a calming journey with the notorious OG Kush weed strain, a powerful hybrid with a captivating aroma. OG Kush, also fondly known as "Ocean Grown Kush", is the result of a masterful crossbreed between Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, thus making its genetic lineage as intriguing as its effects. Globally recognised for its signature pine and earthy flavours, delicately intertwined with a woody undertone, OG Kush delivers an equilibrium of relaxation and happiness that soothes the senses. A hero in the medical cannabis community, this strain is particularly effective in alleviating daily stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. In essence, OG Kush cannabis strain enicates both potent effects and an intricate mix of flavours guaranteeing not just a recreational experience but also a therapeutic delight. One puff of this renowned strain is sure to leave you captivated by its complex brilliance.

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