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Have you ever journeyed through a profound sensory experience that lingers long after it’s gone? Meet Yeti OG cannabis, a strain that’s not just about the high but also the captivating journey it takes you on. From the visual feast of its multi-hued buds to the aromatic ballet of terpenes, it’s an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Delve deeper into this Indica-dominant masterpiece, crafted by the artisans at NorCal Collective, and discover a world of nuanced tastes, scents, and effects.

Strain Breakdown


The allure of Yeti OG is instantly apparent when you first lay eyes on its buds. Its structure stands out – a striking testament to its rich lineage. It flowers in approximately ten weeks, growing with the quintessential OG attributes of viney, woody stalks. An enchanting dance of colours plays across the buds, ranging from the deepest greens to muted yellows, evidence of its meticulous 21-day flush and growth in coco. It’s a masterpiece of nature, each bud resembling an artist’s palette.


Transporting you to a lush forest after a refreshing rain, Yeti OG graces the nostrils with a symphony of scents. Fresh pine, reminiscent of towering evergreens, melds effortlessly with powerful jet fuel and diesel undertones. Lime and citrus follow, with a surprising peppermint kick that takes centre stage, evoking images of a freshly made mojito. The aroma immediately entices one, especially when the bud is broken open, releasing a gaseous note that lingers.


Yeti OG tantalises the taste buds, delivering a unique flavour experience. The initial coolness of mint reminds one of the refreshing sensation of toothpaste or chewing gum. This is juxtaposed with the zesty twang of citrus lime, especially pronounced when vaped. Such a taste profile is a rarity, offering a refreshing departure from traditional strains. Combined with the rich citrus, the menthol coolness crafts a flavour tapestry that’s simply unforgettable.


The effects of the Yeti OG strain are a testament to its balanced CBD and THC levels. Its Indica-dominant nature swiftly lulls one into a mentally and physically relaxed state. There’s a tangible warmth, a legacy of its Afghan landrace heritage, which contrasts fascinatingly with its cool taste. It’s an escape from the mundane, with effects that encourage relaxation and introspection.


For the cultivators, Yeti OG promises a moderate challenge. It flourishes in warm climes, taking around 56-63 days to flower. While its yields might not be the highest, the quality of its buds more than compensates for it.


Yeti OG’s terpene profile paints an aromatic masterpiece. Limonene dominates, imparting a zestful citrus note reminiscent of sun-soaked orchards. Myrcene follows, with its earthy undertones. Carene, Pinene, and Ocimene add layers of depth, while Humulene offers woody nuances. Linalool and Pulegone introduce gentle floral hints, while Terpinolene and Phellandrene enhance freshness. Finally, Caryophyllene infuses that invigorating spicy touch, making Yeti OG’s aroma as diverse and delightful as the strain itself.

Medical Properties

The true marvel of Yeti OG lies in its therapeutic properties. It’s a balm for those battling insomnia, chronic pain, and aches, owing to its profound sedative properties.


With its unique blend of terpenes, mesmerising appearance, and a myriad of benefits, Yeti OG is more than just a cannabis strain—it’s an experience. An escapade into flavours, scents, and effects that stands as a testament to the magic of nature and meticulous cultivation.

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