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OZK terpenes

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OZK, or OZ Kush if you prefer, is a powerhouse combo of OG Kush and ZkittleZ, courtesy of Dying Breed Seeds. It’s not just a pretty face; those glimmering trichomes and the mix of scents are a prelude to a flavour journey that hits you with fruit and gas in all the right ways. But don’t just peg it as a sensory indulgence. OZK has a lot to offer on the health front too, tackling everything from anxiety to depression. Dive into our comprehensive breakdown of this versatile strain that serves up both pleasure and relief.

Strain Breakdown


The OZ Kush strain is a visual feast, no two ways about it. The buds are dense and vibrant green, with copper-coloured hairs snaking their way through, a homage to its ZkittleZ roots. When you catch sight of those almost purple leaves tucked in there, you know you’re dealing with something special. And let’s not skip over the frosty layer of trichomes, adding that extra sparkle like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Seriously, you’d be forgiven for just staring at it for a bit before you even think about sparking up.


If your nose could talk, it’d probably be thanking you right now. The first thing that hits you is that grape and grapefruit aroma, unmistakably passed down from its ZkittleZ parentage. But wait a minute, what’s that other scent? Ah yes, the pungent, almost gassy smell, courtesy of the OG lineage. It’s a kaleidoscope of aromas; starts off fruity and then gets deeper and more complex. If you’re the type to enjoy a layered scent experience, this is your jam.


In terms of flavour, OZ Kush doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re hitting it through a bong or vaping it, you’re getting a combo of that ZkittleZ fruity sweetness and the full-on gassy kick from the OG. It’s a taste sensation that’s consistent and doesn’t fade. Trust me, if you’re into unique flavour profiles, you’re in for a treat with what I like to call the ‘GASSY ZKITTLEZ’ vibe.


Right, so you’ve seen it, you’ve smelt it, you’ve tasted it. What’s next? Well, prepare for a wave of relaxation to wash over you. We’re talking creativity boosts, heightened focus, and a touch of euphoria. Wonderbrett wasn’t joking when they said it could tackle everything from pain to anxiety. Oh, and get some snacks ready; you might find yourself a bit peckish afterwards.


Growing OZ Kush is straightforward enough if you’re looking at timelines. Flowering is 44 to 48 days and wraps it up with a harvest on the 53rd day or so. In a controlled greenhouse setting, you’re looking at around 0.5 oz./ft^2 in terms of yield. It’s not a massive plant, rarely getting taller than 30 inches, but it does pop out neon-green buds with flashy yellow pistils.


When you delve into the terpenes, Nerolidol steals the spotlight. But let’s not forget about Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Sabinene. They’re the backup dancers adding that extra flair to an already impressive profile.

Medical Properties

Apart from just being a good time, OZ Kush has made its mark in the medical cannabis scene. People are talking about how it helps with ADHD, hypertension, migraines, you name it. If you’re into the whole medical benefits angle, this strain’s got credentials.


To wrap it up, OZ Kush is an all-rounder. It’s got the looks, the scent, the flavour, and the effects to boot. It’s like the OG Eddy Lepp and ZkittleZ had a baby, and that baby turned out to be a prodigy. If you’re a fan of classic OG strains but have a sweet tooth for ZkittleZ, you’ve just found your new favourite.

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