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Nevilles Haze


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Nevilles Haze terpenes

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Venture into the captivating world of Neville’s Haze, a strain that paints a vivid tapestry of aromas, flavours, and effects. Imagine a delightful aroma of pine cones mingling with floral notes, leading the senses into a symphony of plum, tea, peach, and contrasting hints of lemon. As the flavour story unfolds, feel the energising effects lifting the spirits, driving away stress and infusing the day with giggles and chatter. But this isn’t just any strain – it’s a tribute to Nevil Schoemakers, capturing his legacy and the storied history of one of the first Hazes from the late ’80s Holland. Dive in and experience the allure of Neville’s Haze.

Strain Breakdown


When glimpsed for the first time, one notices that Neville’s Haze boasts compressed nuggets that, though dense, hint at the strain’s robust lineage. This strain’s physical allure doesn’t lie in fluffiness but rather in its dense composition, revealing its journey and the method of its import. The vibrant green colour further emphasises its quality, creating a visual appeal that is hard to ignore.


One of the distinguishing traits of the Neville’s Haze strain is its unique aroma. Enveloped in a delightful pine cone scent, this strain teases with floral undertones that resonate with nature’s best. The aroma is not just a treat for the senses but a journey to the very heart of where this strain originated.


The palate is immediately introduced to a symphony of flavours when indulging in Neville’s Haze. From the sweetness of plum, tea, and peach to the contrasting tang of lemon and diesel and finishing off with subtler hints of strawberry and berry, this strain offers a gourmet experience for even the most discerning of cannabis connoisseurs.


The effects of Neville’s Haze are predominantly energising, setting the stage for a day filled with giggles, chatter, and boundless energy. However, as with all strains, it does have its drawbacks. Some may find themselves a touch paranoid, with dry eyes or light-headed dizziness. However, its high THC content guarantees that the cerebral experience remains unparalleled, especially when used during the daytime.


Growing Neville’s Haze is both a challenge and a reward. It demands attention with a flowering time ranging from 56 to 70 days and can stretch to impressive heights of 60-80 inches indoors and even more when allowed to flourish outdoors. Despite the longer flowering period, the yield is commendable, with indoor harvests producing 1-2 Oz/Ft² and outdoor yields reaching a generous 15-20 Oz/plant.


The terpene profile of Neville’s Haze is rich and diverse. Dominated by myrcene, which imparts an earthy aroma, it’s also endowed with the spiciness of caryophyllene and the fresh scent of pinene. Other terpenes include bisabolol, geraniol, humulene, and carene, combining to offer a balanced and aromatic blend.

Medical Properties

For those seeking relief from the tumults of daily life, Neville’s Haze offers a refuge. It’s particularly effective against stress, with 33% of users attesting to its efficacy. Furthermore, 26% have found solace from depression and 25% from anxiety. However, it’s always prudent to seek medical advice before using it for therapeutic purposes.


Neville’s Haze is a tribute to Nevil Schoemakers, the founder of the Seed Bank of Holland. This almost pure sativa, with a touch of indica from Green House Seeds, has a storied history that has seen it win the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. Its potent cerebral effects, combined with its rich flavour profile, make it a strain that both recreational and medical users will cherish.

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