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Embark on a journey with G13 Haze, a strain as enigmatic as its backstory. This sativa-dominant hybrid, with its energising and uplifting effects, is perfect for those seeking motivation and creativity. Its unique appearance, citrus-dominated aroma, and sweet flavour profile make it a sensory delight.

Experience the legendary G13 Haze, a strain that combines a potent blend of effects with a rich heritage. Its medical benefits, including pain relief and mood elevation, make it a valuable choice for various needs. Dive into the world of G13 Haze and discover the secrets of this mysterious strain.

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Strain Breakdown


G13 Haze, an iconic strain with a legendary backstory, presents a remarkable visual profile. Its buds are dense, stone-like, and colored a light green, creating an almost ethereal appearance. The presence of orange hairs gives these buds a furry look, adding to their intrigue. The dense nugs of G13 Haze, sometimes grape-shaped, embody the potent history and enigmatic origins of the strain.


The aroma of G13 Haze is a complex blend of citrus and earthy notes. It leans heavily towards mandarin oranges and grapefruit, offering a tantalising citrus burst that invigorates the senses. This is complemented by a spicy, woody undertone, creating an experience that is as captivating as the strain’s history. The strong, captivating scent of G13 Haze is a true delight for cannabis enthusiasts.


In terms of flavour, G13 Haze is a citrus lover’s dream. It offers sweet notes that fall in the same citrus family as its aroma, predominantly featuring mandarin oranges and grapefruit. This strain provides a fresh, tropical fruity exhale, leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate. The flavours of G13 Haze are as enigmatic and enticing as its story, making each puff an exploration of its rich heritage.


G13 Haze is renowned for its energising and uplifting effects. It provides a jolt of electricity to the brain, infusing users with a sense of energetic motivation. This strain is ideal for creative endeavours, offering inspiration and focus. The effects can be quite potent, especially given its high THC content, so moderation is advised for those prone to anxiety or paranoia. G13 Haze’s ability to induce euphoria, happiness, and a relaxed state makes it a versatile choice for various needs.


Cultivating G13 Haze is an intriguing prospect for growers. This strain flowers indoors in about 11 weeks and outdoors around mid-November. It requires some experience to maintain its health and vigour, but with a bit of a green thumb, it’s a rewarding endeavour. The yield is slightly above average, making it a worthwhile addition to any garden. The mystique of its origins only adds to the allure of growing this legendary strain.


The terpene profile of G13 Haze is a rich blend of aromatic compounds. Caryophyllene, the dominant terpene, imparts a spicy, peppery note that may offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Following closely are Limonene and Myrcene, contributing citrus and herbal undertones, respectively. This combination of terpenes in G13 Haze creates a unique sensory experience, marrying flavour with potential therapeutic effects.

Medical Properties

G13 Haze is lauded for its medicinal properties. It’s known for providing relief from pain, stress, and depression. The numbing effects of this strain make it ideal for easing aches, soreness, and muscle tightness. Additionally, its uplifting effects can help combat symptoms of depression and anxiety, while its appetite-stimulating properties are beneficial for those with eating disorders.


G13 Haze is a strain shrouded in mystery and legend, offering a potent blend of energizing and relaxing effects. Its visual appeal, distinctive aroma, and citrusy flavour profile make it a standout strain. Medically, it’s revered for its ability to alleviate a variety of symptoms, making it a versatile choice for patients. For cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike, G13 Haze is a strain that promises a unique and satisfying experience.

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