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El Fuego terpenes

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Dive into the world of El Fuego, a cannabis strain that earns its title “The Fire”. From its olive-green buds adorned with crystal trichomes to its earthy aroma laced with fruits and spice, El Fuego promises an experience like no other. Renowned for its immediate euphoria and serene relaxation, it’s a choice strain for those battling stress, anxiety, and more.

Strain Breakdown


El Fuego, also known as “The Fire,” showcases dense and small triangle-shaped olive green buds. These nugs are adorned with dark orange hairs and a generous coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes. The visual presentation is characteristic of its indica dominant hybrid genetics.


The aroma of El Fuego is reminiscent of earthiness and flowers, with a skunky pungency and notes of fresh fruits. A hint of spiciness adds depth to the overall fragrance. The combination of these scents creates an appealing olfactory experience.


When consumed, El Fuego delights the palate with a sweet and fruity flavor, accompanied by subtle floral notes. Upon exhale, a light spiciness and woody undertones complete the taste profile. The blend of these flavors adds to the overall enjoyment of the strain.


El Fuego’s effects are quick-acting and powerful. Upon exhaling the smoke, a heady cerebral high takes hold, inducing a sense of dissociation and carefree relaxation. This uplifting experience brings happiness and calmness without excessive sedation. A gentle physical high gradually intensifies, leading to a state of sweet relaxation. With its average THC content of 19-20%, El Fuego is commonly chosen by individuals seeking relief from chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and PTSD.


El Fuego from DNA Genetics Seeds is specifically bred for its resin profile. It is known for its ultra-resinous flowers that can be harvested in just 9 weeks. This strain is a heavy eater and branches early in the vegetative stage, making it suitable for various cultivation methods such as SCROG and SOG systems. Its abundant resin production also makes it an excellent choice for extraction purposes.


The most abundant terpene in El Fuego is myrcene, followed by caryophyllene and limonene.

Helps With

El Fuego is often selected to alleviate symptoms related to chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and PTSD. However, the information does not specify the strain’s potential therapeutic benefits in detail.


El Fuego, also known as “The Fire,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain renowned for its immediate and potent effects. Its dense olive green buds, adorned with dark orange hairs and milky white crystal trichomes, exhibit an appealing appearance. The aroma combines earthiness, skunkiness, and fresh fruit notes, while the taste profile offers a delightful fusion of sweet fruits and subtle florals with hints of spiciness and woodiness. The strain’s effects induce a heady cerebral high followed by a gentle physical relaxation, providing a sense of calm and happiness without excessive sedation. With its high resin production, El Fuego is a preferred choice for extraction purposes. While information regarding specific terpenes and detailed therapeutic benefits is not provided, El Fuego is widely chosen by individuals seeking relief from chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and PTSD.

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