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Divine Storm


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Divine Storm terpenes

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Divine Storm is an impressively flavoursome Indica-dominant cannabis strain which crosses Divine Gelato and Slurricane. Its lively bouquet carries hints of sweet cherry. Consumers report good levels of relaxation and nerve-soothing benefits. Be aware – this cannabis cultivar is best enjoyed during the nighttime for a restful experience.

Strain Breakdown


Divine Storm displays visually striking buds with oversized diamond-shaped structures. These nugs have a dark olive green hue, accentuated by deep purple undertones. Sparse orange hairs complement the vibrant colouration, while a generous coating of milky amber crystal trichomes adds a frosty touch to the overall appearance.


The aroma of Divine Storm is enchanting and captivating. It carries a sweet and fruity apple scent that is refreshing and enticing. The fragrance is further enhanced by creamy vanilla notes with subtle hints of light earthiness and pine. Together, these aromas create an inviting olfactory experience.


When indulging in Divine Storm, the taste profile is a sensory treat. It offers a sweet and creamy fruity apple flavour reminiscent of a delectable sweet apple pie. The exhale brings forth delightful hints of creamy vanilla, providing a satisfying and well-rounded experience.


Divine Storm delivers what some consumers call an otherworldly high encompassing the mind and body. The initial onset of the high occurs a few minutes after inhalation, gradually building up to a whirlwind of focused mental energy. This heightened mental clarity is accompanied by a numbing sensation that envelops the body, inducing deep relaxation. As the experience unfolds, the intense focus gives way to a gentle, sleepy happiness that lulls the consumer into a tranquil state. With its soothing properties, Divine Storm is frequently sought after for its therapeutic effects. It is known to provide relief for conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress, depression, muscle spasms and cramps.


Divine Storm can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It typically reaches a height of 30-60 inches during growth. The flowering period lasts around 52 – 63 days, and growers can harvest the yield on day 60.


The terpene profile of Divine Storm is dominated by limonene, caryophyllene, and terpinolene.

Medical Properties

Divine Storm offers significant benefits for individuals dealing with various conditions. Its therapeutic potential extends to alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress, depression, and muscle spasms and cramps. The balanced effects of mental clarity and physical relaxation make it a versatile strain for addressing a range of ailments.


Divine Storm is a slight Indica-dominant hybrid strain that delivers an otherworldly high. Its visually striking appearance, characterised by oversized diamond-shaped dark olive green buds with deep purple undertones, is visually appealing. The aroma boasts a sweet and fruity apple scent with creamy vanilla undertones. The taste profile is equally pleasing, with a delightful combination of fruity apple and creamy vanilla flavours. The effects of Divine Storm encompass enhanced focus, mental clarity, and a soothing, sedative physical relaxation. With its therapeutic potential, it is sought after for addressing chronic pain, inflammation, chronic stress, depression, muscle spasms and cramps. While specific details about cultivation and terpenes are not provided, Divine Storm stands out as a strain with captivating qualities and a broad range of potential benefits for users seeking mental and physical relief.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 15, 2023

In House Genetics is a US-based seedbank specialising in microgrows, bringing new and exciting genetics out each month. Their other strains include Dolato, Cactus OG and more, and their tagline is “Breeding the future”. Visit their website here.

This sample has been grown by Indian Buddha, a grower based somewhere in the South of England who has previously given us Sherb Crasher, Platinum Jelly, LA Kush Cake and Strawpicanna to work with.

The genetics that make up this cultivar are Divine Gelato X Slurricane.

The dense, squat nugs are layered with plenty of colours giving this bud a unique appearance. Vibrant orange meets dark green with almost blue hints and darker spots around the leaf bases.

The Divine Storm has a deliciously complex smell, with alpha-pinene leading and the blue smell that you get in things like Blue Dream also present.

A gassy, pungent aroma is released as the bud is broken up, and this is intensified as it is ground up.

But you don’t need to break open the Divine Storm buds to sense how amazing this one smells.

Divine Storm delivers a strong and desirable weed taste which is present from about 2/3rds of the way through the inhalation – in the video review you will see me move my hands to signify that I can sense the flavour.

Breathing out the smoke, I’m treated to a very nice tasting bit of bud, dried well and cured, plus with a fruity funk and gassy (jet fuel) flavour permeating my taste buds.

Putting this strain through a vaporiser led to an interesting discovery – Divine Storm tastes more fruity and fresh when vaped, and more funky and gassy when smoked.

The Divine Storm is a strong strain – it kicked in after a few minutes, leading with body-led relaxation (it is listed as an Indica-Dominant variety) and a notable uplift as I began to feel it working.

This strain could make a good analgesic, but the consumer may wish to smoke it in the afternoon or the evening, as first thing in the morning may prove quite inebriating.

Overall this strain was one of my favourite tastes so far in 2020. Both In House Genetics and Indian Buddha deserve props for this one.


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**Consumers have reported these possible side effects. However it is important to note that cannabis affects everybody differently, and a majority of consumers report not experiencing side effects when consuming cannabis.