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Anunnaki terpenes

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Discover the multifaceted world of Annunaki, a cannabis strain developed by Tektro Labs.

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Strain Breakdown


Annunaki cannabis strain has an alluring and vivid appearance, showcasing a spectrum of lively green hues.


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The flavour profile of Annunaki is fascinating and delightful, featuring a blend of apricot, coffee, strawberry, tar, and plum. This eclectic mix of flavours makes each puff an adventure for the palate, starting with the sweet and fruity notes of apricot and strawberry, followed by the robust and earthy tones of coffee and tar, and finishing with the rich and succulent taste of plum. The presence of hash is also noticeable, adding a layer of complexity to the overall tasting experience.


Annunaki offers a range of effects that make it a versatile choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Users report feeling euphoric, tingly, concentrated, giggly, sleepy, sedated, and focused. These effects make it suitable for various activities, from creative pursuits that require concentration and focus to relaxation and sleep. However, being mindful of potential side effects such as slurred speech, hunger, thirst, dry mouth, and fatigue is essential. It is also noted to induce paranoia in some users.


Annunaki has specific cultivation needs due to its predominantly Sativa genetics. It doesn’t produce buds until the fifth week of the flowering period, which lasts nine to eleven weeks. It shows its Sativa heritage in its height, requiring topping, super-cropping, pruning early, or employing the Sea of Green technique if grown indoors. If grown outside, it is ready for harvest at the end of September or the beginning of October. This strain may yield as much as 600 grams per square metre. The indoor and outdoor height is 30-60 inches, the indoor yield is 0.5 – 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²) and outdoors is 10 – 15 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant).


Annunaki’s terpene profile comprises Ocimene, Humulene, Limonene, Sabinene, and Eucalyptol. Ocimene dominates at 0.4%, lending a sweet and herbaceous aroma. Humulene, at 0.28%, contributes earthy, woody notes. Limonene, present at 0.08%, adds a refreshing citrus scent. At 0.12%, Sabinene brings a hint of spiciness, and Eucalyptol, also at 0.12%, imparts a cooling, minty aroma. Together, these terpenes craft a unique and diverse aromatic experience.

Medical Properties

Annunaki is often used to alleviate a variety of medical conditions, including depression, PTSD, stress, bipolar disorder, fatigue, epileptic symptoms, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, loss of appetite, and nausea. It may also stimulate the appetite, making it beneficial for individuals struggling with eating disorders or undergoing treatments that suppress hunger.


Annunaki is a captivating and multifaceted cannabis strain developed by DNA Genetics. With its intriguing flavour profile, versatile effects, and potential therapeutic benefits, it is a valuable addition to the repertoire of any cannabis connoisseur. However, it is essential to approach this strain cautiously due to its potential side effects and the specific cultivation requirements it demands.

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