Indica Vs Sativa For Pain: Understanding The Differences

Indica is known for the calm effects it provides numerous individuals, and Sativa is known for its uplifting energetic qualities. 

There isn’t enough research to identify indica or sativa to provide relief for pain issues since it’s merely analysed based on strain type, cannabinoid content, terpenes, and other elements. 

Indica and sativa contain distinct properties and effects within their chemical structure that set them apart. Many have come to enjoy sativa rather than indica, and others relish indica over sativa.

If you want to know about the difference between indica and sativa for pain, then keep reading.

Indica Strains

There are many characteristics of indica strains with distinct components that provide users with soothing sensations throughout their mental and physical functions. 

Indica strains contain higher amounts of CBD and THC with low amounts of terpenes that give it the indica trait. Several users enjoy variations of indica strains to give them calming energies. 

Well-known Indica strains include:

Indica strain enthusiasts enjoy using the flowers everywhere within the UK, US, and other countries where cannabis has minimum legal restrictions. 

Some strains provide various properties to elevate the internal being for long-term and short-term usage. 

How Indica Strains Affect The Body

When consuming indica strains, you can expect to experience a relaxing and elevating euphoria within the body. 

Those who consume indica typically use it for various conditions they contain within the mental and physical areas of their body. These issues are poor sleep cycles, stomach unease, aches, lack of hunger, and a clouded mentality. Indicas are great for combating these issues within individuals and promoting well-being. 

As you enjoy indica through various consumption methods, the strain will leave you feeling soothing and comfortable. It’s best suited for users having trouble winding down after a long day. 

Types Of Indica Strains That Are Best For Pain

Reviewed within The Journal Of Headache Pain, they evaluated over 2000 individuals using several strains suited to treat pain conditions. All favoured some strains over others to relieve them from over 21 illnesses. The pain illnesses included migraines, chronic pain, headaches, and arthritis. 

The high-rated indica strains for aiding pain include:

  1. Pink Kush: about 9.6% of patients desired to use this strain for their chronic pain over other indica strains, 6.2% preferred the strain for headaches as the primary symptom, and about 5.9% preferred it for arthritis. The strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers patients with pain disruptors within small doses. 

  2. Skywalker OG: About 7% of patients in the study preferred using Skywalker for chronic pain, 7.9% of patients preferred using it for headaches, and 4.2% of patients preferred using it for arthritis. The strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain providing users with pain management and stress relief. It contains relaxing and euphoric effects for users wanting to experience complete relief. 

  3. Master Kush: 6.1% of patients preferred the Master Kush strain for chronic pain in their internal bodies, 5.9% desired using the strain for headaches as the primary symptom, and 5.1% preferred it for their arthritis. The strain delivers an overall full-body relaxation that’s balanced and effective. 

  4. Afghani: 5.8% of Patients preferred using this strain for Chronic pain, and 7.4% of patients used it for headaches as a primary symptom. Cannabis patients use the strain for its deeply relaxing effects and the light euphoria it provides. It’s used to aid in insomnia, pain, and stress disorders. 

  5. Warlock CBD: 6.7% of patients in the study preferred using Warlock CBD for chronic pain, and 5.9% preferred to use it for arthritis. 

These strains gave users optimal function to conduct their daily activities and allowed them to experience relief. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Indica Strains For Pain

Indicas are known for maintaining relaxing properties and enhancing the comfort zone. 

There are other advantages of using indica strains for pain relief that including the following: 

  • Stimulates calmness 

  • Smooths out mental chaos 

  • Provides deep slumber

  • Minimize tension in muscles 

  • Decreases body discomfort

These are the advantages of using indica strains for pain relief that can alter a person’s state of being. Indica strains also have disadvantages for you to know about. 

Disadvantages of indica strains for pain relief include: 

  • Robust sedation properties: Many individuals may receive a strong dose of sedation with indica that’s too much for them. 

  • Mental disruptor: People incorporating indica strains may experience impairment within their mental functions. 

  • Memory loss: Those using indica strains may feel their short-term memory is slipping. 

With the outlined disadvantages, you can consider cautiously incorporating the strain into your regimen. 

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains produce a head high that offers some energetic qualities within their mental and physical functions, allowing them to do more productive activities. The strain is also a mood booster for those wanting to elevate their moods. 

How Sativa Strains Affect The Body

Sativas are ideal for those who want uplifting sensations throughout their mental and physical areas. The strain works by enhancing certain levels in the mind regulating important functions.

Types Of Sativa Strains That Are Best For Pain

A published review within The Journal Of Headache Pain outlines the best sativa strains patients prefer for specific pain conditions, including headaches, migraines, arthritis, chronic pain, and others. 

High-rated sativa strains for relieving pain include:

  1. Jean-Guy: In the study, about 5.4% preferred this strain for chronic pain, and 8.2% preferred it for headaches as a primary symptom. 

  2. Jack Herer: About 7.6% of patients desired this strain for chronic pain, and 7.4% preferred it for headaches as a primary symptom. 

  3. Lemon Sour Diesel: 5.8% of patients desired using this strain for chronic pain, 5.9% desired it for arthritis, and 7.9% used it for headaches as a primary symptom. 

  4. Island Sweet Skunk: 5.8% of patients preferred this strain for chronic pain, 5.1% preferred it for arthritis, and 5.9% desired the strain for headaches. 

These were the Sativa strains patients preferred for pain but weren’t quite as high as indica strains. 

In the study, hybrid strains were the top preferred types to give patients relief for various pain conditions. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Sativa Strains For Pain

Sativa strains come in various varieties, with distinct compounds influencing primary areas of the physical body. They contain advantages and disadvantages you should know about.

Advantages of Sativas for pain relief:

  •  Provides enlightening sensations

  • Improve mental discomfort

  • Minimises redness and or swelling

  • Provides mild relief for aches 

  • Uplifts moods 

Disadvantages of sativa for pain relief:

  • May provide anxiousness

  • Overenergetic or jittery

  • Doesn’t contain effective relief for pain

  • Fast experience or duration

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using sativa for pain relief that’s mild and not as effective as indica. 

Indica Vs. Sativa For Pain

Indica has been shown to provide individuals with effective relief for body discomfort and aches, whereas sativa is shown not to be as effective in providing relief for these issues. When individuals use sativa, it tends to give off mild effects. 

The primary result of sativa is it can elevate a person’s mood and provide energetic qualities to allow them to conduct more activities. 

Indica strains are desirable for their soothing and cooling effects for certain aches in the mental and physical areas. 

If you’re considering using either strain type, we recommend you speak with a health professional before making a decision. 

Which Strain Is Better For Pain?

The best strain is indica since they are the ideal type to combat pangs, aches, and unwanted vibrations in the body. 

However, the most-favoured strain was the hybrid strain that gave users the most benefit in providing them relief. 

Overall, these strains offer various types that can work for any individual for long-term and short-term usage.