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Wifi 43

Also known as: White Fire 43, WiFi OG 43, White Fire OG #43
Indica Indica THC 22% CBD 1%

Meet the Wifi 43 weed strain, an intense Indica powerhouse also affectionately known as White Fire 43. Born from the genius combination of The White and Fire OG, it has crafted a unique name for itself in the world of cannabis.

Distinctly recognised for its potency and electrifying high, Wifi 43 delivers a satisfying punch. Its flavour profile invites you in with an intriguing mix of menthol coolness, followed by notes of pungent diesel and deep earthy undertones that lingers on the palate.

Medicinally, this cannabis strain is highly sought after for its soothing properties. Particularly beneficial for combating insomnia, its relaxing effects also work wonders on stress and pain.

All in all, the Wifi 43 cannabis strain is more than just a weed strain; it's an experience. Its tranquilising aura makes it a top pick amongst lovers of Indica strains, proving that sometimes, the answer to life's troubles might just be at the end of a Wifi 43 joint.

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