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White Nightmare

Also known as: Blue Dream's Nightmare and Nightmare Blue Dream
Sativa Sativa THC - CBD -

Introducing the White Nightmare cannabis strain, a potent Sativa variety, which is sometimes affectionately nicknamed "Blueberry Spice" due to its unique flavour profile. This intriguing weed strain owes its existence to the expert blending of its parent strains, Blue Dream and White Moonshine. White Nightmare has swiftly gained recognition in the cannabis community for its energising and uplifting effects, making it an afternoon favourite. The strain is particularly noted for its delectable fusion of blueberry, berry, and spicy-herbal tastes which tantalise the palate while offering a euphoric escape.

White Nightmare is not just celebrated for its recreational qualities; it has proven itself invaluable in providing relief for stress, depression, and pain, making it a versatile choice for many medical cannabis patients. This cannabis strain promises a dreamy escape from the mundane, whisking users away to a world of serene blueberry fields and spicy undertones, making every session an unforgettable experience.

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