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Superman OG

Also known as: Superman Kush
Indica Indica THC 22% CBD -

Dive into the heroic depths of the Superman OG cannabis strain, also affectionately dubbed as the saviour of evenings. This potent Indica weed strain springs from the powerful lineage of OG Kush and Bubba Kush, offering an unrivalled genetic pedigree. Superman OG is lauded for its profound sedative effects, making it a favourite among those seeking refuge from the day's stresses. With a flavour profile that weaves together notes of pine, pungent aromas, and skunk, it delivers a sensory experience as memorable as its namesake.

This cannabis strain shines not only in its recreational might but also in its medicinal applications. It is widely sought after for providing relief from Stress, Pain, and Insomnia, offering a natural alternative for those battling these conditions. With a tranquil potency, Superman OG stands as a titan in the cannabis world, offering a powerful, flavourful remedy wrapped in a cloak of relaxation.

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