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Star Dust OG

Also known as: Stardust OG and Star Dust Kush
Indica Indica THC 21% CBD -

Introducing the Star Dust OG cannabis strain, often revered by enthusiasts under its celestial moniker. This Indica-dominant hybrid boasts a prestigious lineage, being the progeny of classic parents that uniquely blend to create its potent effects and distinctive flavour profile. Star Dust OG is derived from a meticulous cross of reputed strains, catering to an experience that captures the essence of its genetic heritage.

Renowned for its mesmerising effects, Star Dust OG elevates the senses to a tranquil bliss, making it a favourite amongst the cannabis community. The strain presents a peculiar yet enticing flavour combination of chemical, ammonia, and a subtle hint of berry, distinguishing it from its contemporaries.

Medically, it provides solace for individuals grappling with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress, showcasing its therapeutic prowess. The Star Dust OG weed strain balances its potent effects with a rich aromatic profile, crafting an experience that's both soothing and invigorating, making it a noteworthy addition to the cannabis connoisseur's collection.

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