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Sirius Black

Also known as: Sirius Black OG
Indica Indica THC 15% CBD 1%

Boldly named after Harry Potter's mystical godfather, the Sirius Black weed strain is a powerful Indica with big shoes to fill - and it doesn't disappoint. This unique strain boasts a celestial lineage, forged from genetics including Oregon Black Rose and Sirius B, delivering a cosmic experience like no other. Renowned for its fragrant aroma and distinctive grape, berry, and plum tones, Sirius Black captivates the senses in a symphony of sweet trivia. Its effects offer a sublime release from stress, depression, and anxiety, making it an exemplary remedy in the medical cannabis community. This cannabis strain dances on the line between mellow and intense, providing a space of plush tranquillity that encourages immersive introspection. Overall, the Sirius Black cannabis strain is a satisfying treat, soothing minds and tangling tongues with its robust flavours. Try Sirius Black, and uncover an universe hidden within the shadows of its transcendental smoke.

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