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Also known as: Lemon Shortbread and Lemon Walker
Hybrid Hybrid THC 14% CBD 1%

Introducing the Shortbread cannabis strain, also affectionately known as "Buttery Delight" among enthusiasts, this Hybrid marvel is the product of crossbreeding the legendary strains of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. Recognised for its unique flavour profile that masterfully combines notes of violet, chestnut, and coffee, Shortbread has earned a distinguished place in the cannabis community.

Beyond its captivating taste, Shortbread is celebrated for its balanced effects that gently ease users into a state of blissful relaxation, making it an ideal choice for those battling Depression, Anxiety, and Stress. As a cannabis strain, Shortbread stands out for its versatility, appealing to both recreational and medicinal users who appreciate its nuanced effects and rich aroma.

In essence, the Shortbread weed strain offers a sophisticated experience that tantalises the taste buds while soothing the mind and body, truly a testament to the artistry of cannabis cultivation and blending.

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