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Also known as: runtz og, runtz kush, pink runtz, white runtz, obama runtz, banana runtz
Medical Hybrid Hybrid THC 24% CBD -

The sheer number of amazing Sativa, Indica and hybrid weed strains that are released to the consumer and medical market each and every year can be pretty overwhelming. Standing out in such a crowded field is no easy feat, but with a lot of hard work, a bunch of innovation, and a little bit of luck provided by Mother Nature herself, the breeders (who have since become known as the 'Runtz Crew") made it happen with everyone's favourite hybrid weed strain 'Runtz'.

The Runtz strain burst onto the scene in 2018 and quickly gained a massive following, thanks to just how great of a hybrid strain it is and a marketing push that included the likes of rappers Yung LB and Nero. Suddenly, Runtz was everywhere, and everybody wanted a piece of it.

What do people love about Runtz?

  • The Taste and Smell - The Runtz strain is the true epitome of candy-flavoured weed. Thanks to its genetic lineage, which is a mix of Gelato and Zkittlez (both top-shelf candy strains in their own right), Runtz takes that sugar sweet deliciousness and dials it up to 11.
  • The High - With an average THC percentage between 20% to 24%, an almost perfect balance of Indica and Sativa (55%/45%), and a truly stellar terpene profile, Runtz offers up a high that is equal parts euphoric and relaxing. Some love to start their day with a bowl of Runtz, others prefer it in the late afternoon to help unwind, and some swear by it for a good night's rest. Medicinally, Runtz is said to help with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • The Look - Visually, Runtz is as appealing as it is potent. This sheer beauty definitely helped the marketing push, and it is not hard to see why. Bag appeal is off the charts with Runtz, easily one of the top five most aesthetically pleasing weed strains out there.
  • The New-School Brilliance - Runtz is as versatile as it is tasty, reflecting the modern evolution of hybrid weed strains. The seamless combination of Indica and Sativa genetics produces a real 'best of both worlds' experience. It's great for socialising, creativity, and relaxation all at once.

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