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Royal Highness

Also known as: Royal Highness CBD
Hybrid Hybrid THC 7% CBD -

Introducing the Royal Highness cannabis strain, an esteemed Hybrid also affectionately known by its devotees as "The Queen of Green." This regal weed strain arises from the noble lineage of Respect 13 and Dancehall, weaving the best of both worlds into its genetic tapestry.

Royal Highness is celebrated across the realm for its uplifting and calming effects, striking the perfect balance for those in search of serenity without the sedation. Its flavour profile is a sophisticated blend of pear, pineapple, and sage, offering a taste that's as refined as its name suggests.

This cannabis strain finds its most loyal subjects among those battling anxiety, pain, and stress, offering them a royal decree of relief. Its balanced nature makes it an exemplary choice, whether seeking solace from the day's battles or simply desiring to elevate one’s spirits.

Royal Highness stands as a paragon of hybrid strains, merging unique flavours with versatile effects, making it a sovereign selection in the cannabis kingdom.

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