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Pure Michigan

Also known as: Michigan Pure Kush and Pure Kush Michigan
Hybrid Hybrid THC 29% CBD 1%

Introducing the Pure Michigan weed strain, also known as the Great Lakes Gold. An intriguing hybrid marvel, Pure Michigan is the distinctive lovechild of Triangle Kush and Rare Dankness #1, combining two quality strains into one extraordinary plant.

Popular across the pond for its unique terpene profile, Pure Michigan packs a punchy blend of chestnut, ammonia, and lime, creating an unexpected yet intriguing bouquet of flavours. Its crowning glory lies not just in its taste, but also the mood-enhancing effects it produces. The Pure Michigan cannabis strain is known for aiding a calm, uplifted mood, making it a wonderful companion for those battling anxiety, depression and stress.

This verdant powerhouse is more than a cannabis strain; it is a testament to craft cultivation and genetic mastery. Its complex tastes, beneficial properties, and strong lineage, rightfully place it among the preferred choices in the cannabinoid scene today.

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