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Introducing the Papaya cannabis strain, also affectionately nicknamed "Paw Paw," this Indica powerhouse is the fragrant progeny of Citral #13 and Ice #2. Born from such illustrious parentage, Papaya marries the best of its lineage to offer enthusiasts a truly unique experience.

Renowned for its captivating flavour profile, Papaya enchants with notes of ripe mango, lush tropical undertones, and a hint of tree-fruit zest, reminiscent of its namesake. But it's not just its taste that's garnered acclaim; Papaya is celebrated for delivering profound relaxation, melting away stress and anxiety while soothing pain, making it a sought-after choice for medicinal users.

As a weed strain of remarkable pedigree, Papaya stands out in the cannabis strain world for its potent effects and delectable taste. Whether you're seeking relief or simply chasing the joy of a flavourful smoke, Papaya promises a tropical escape in every puff.

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