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Orange Tree

Also known as: Orange Tree OG and Orange Tree Kush
Hybrid Hybrid THC 19% CBD -

Dive into the zesty world of the Orange Tree cannabis strain, a harmonious Hybrid also affectionately known as "The Citrus Phoenix". Born from the lineage of Orange Valley OG and 24k Gold, Orange Tree is a masterpiece of cannabis genetics, uniting the strength and flavours of its parents into one refreshing experience.

Renowned for its remarkably vibrant flavour profile that bursts with notes of orange, citrus, and a hint of tropical bliss, the Orange Tree weed strain has rightly carved its niche. Beyond its tantalizing aroma and taste, it is celebrated for its balanced effects that can uplift the spirits while soothing the body, making it a favourite among those seeking relief from pain, anxiety, and cramps.

As a cannabis strain that intertwines euphoria with tranquillity, Orange Tree stands out for its medicinal applications as much as for its delightful consumption experience. Let the Orange Tree cannabis strain whisk you away to a serene, citrus-scented paradise.

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