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Also known as: Motorbreath #15, Motorbreath 15, and Motorbreath No. 15
Hybrid Hybrid THC 26% CBD 1%

The Motorbreath weed strain, also known by connoisseurs as simply 'Motorbreath', is a potent Hybrid taking the cannabis community by storm. Originating from a blend of the illustrious parent strains Chemdog and SFV OG Kush, Motorbreath has carved its name into the annals of cannabis legends. Renowned for its uniquely pungent aroma that expertly combines diesel and chemical notes with a subtle peppery undertone, this cannabis strain offers a complex flavour profile that has weed enthusiasts in awe. Beyond its aromatic allure, Motorbreath is famed for its powerful effects, providing users with a profoundly relaxing experience ideal for combating Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. This cannabis strain exudes robustness, from its dense, resin-coated buds to its swift onset of calming euphoria, encapsulating the quintessence of what many seek in a hybrid strain. Step into the world of Motorbreath, and embrace the quintessential fusion of flavour and function.

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