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Also known as: Mexican Sativa, Mexican Green, Mexican Red
Sativa Sativa THC - CBD -

Introducing the Mexican weed strain, also affectionately known as "Mexican Sativa," this cannabis strain is a distinguished Sativa that boasts a rich heritage, descending from a mix of indigenous Oaxacan, Pakistani Hash Plant, and Durban genetics. Renowned for its stimulating effects and unique flavour profile, Mexican cannabis is celebrated by connoisseurs and casual users alike.

Famous for providing an uplifting and cerebral high, the Mexican strain is ideal for those seeking inspiration or a boost in creativity. Its distinct aroma of tar, tobacco, and woody notes makes it unmistakable in the cannabis community. Beyond its recreational popularity, Mexican has gained acclaim for its therapeutic potential, notably in managing depression, alleviating stress, and stimulating appetite.

With its invigorating effects and complex flavours, the Mexican weed strain stands out as a perfect example of Sativa's potential to both enliven the spirit and offer relief from various conditions, embodying the rich history and diversity of cannabis strains.

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