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Also known as: Maui Wowie, Maui Waui
Sativa Sativa THC 19% CBD 1%

Introducing the Maui cannabis strain, affectionately known as "Maui Wowie," a revered Sativa that has enchanted users with its Hawaiian heritage. This legendary strain, born from the lush valleys of Maui, owes its genetic lineage to Hawaiian and an unspecified hybrid, creating a potent concoction of bliss and relaxation. Maui is celebrated globally for its uplifting effects, transporting users to a serene, tropical paradise with every puff. Its flavour profile is a symphony of sweet, tropical notes underscored by a distinct pineapple tang, making every session a delightful sensory experience.

Beyond its recreational allure, the Maui weed strain offers significant therapeutic benefits, providing relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. Its invigorating Sativa effects contribute to its efficacy in combating fatigue and low mood, making it a staple in the medical cannabis community. Dive into the vibrant world of the Maui cannabis strain and let it sweep you away on a wave of euphoric relaxation and tropical bliss.

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