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Mafia Funeral

Also known as: The Funeral
Hybrid Hybrid THC 26% CBD 1%

The Mafia Funeral cannabis strain, also known affectionately within the cannabis community as "The Don" of hybrid strains, weaves a complex lineage from its notorious parent strains. Born of a prestigious mix, this enigmatic weed strain commands respect with its potent genetics.

Mafia Funeral has swiftly gained renown for delivering a profound impact that's as unforgettable as its name suggests. It's celebrated for a remarkable flavour profile that intertwines sharp notes of menthol and tobacco with a bold pepper undertone, guiding users through an experience reminiscent of clandestine gatherings and whispered secrets.

Medically, the Mafia Funeral strain has proven to be an invaluable ally against insomnia, stress, and depression, offering solace and relief where it's most needed. Its balanced hybrid nature ensures a versatile approach to relaxation and mental clarity, rendering it a prized selection within therapeutic cannabis circles.

In the pantheon of cannabis strains, Mafia Funeral distinguishes itself with a compelling narrative, inviting both connoisseurs and novices alike into a world where flavour and effects reign supreme.

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