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Lime Skunk

Also known as: Lemon Lime Skunk, Citrus Skunk
Sativa Sativa THC 21% CBD 1%

Introducing the Lime Skunk cannabis strain, also affectionately known as "Lime Green Skunk". This zesty Sativa strain boasts an illustrious lineage, being a vibrant offspring of the legendary Skunk #1 and a tangy Lime Haze. Lime Skunk has earned a reputable standing in the cannabis community for its invigorating effects, coupled with a distinctive flavour profile that marries sharp lime and robust skunk, with undertones of fresh citrus.

Widely recognised for its uplifting and energising qualities, the Lime Skunk weed strain has become a go-to for those seeking relief from depression, stress, and fatigue, offering a bright spark of joy and vitality. Its unique terpene profile not only promises an olfactory delight but also embodies the therapeutic essence that many users rely on for daytime relief. Engage with the world through the lively and refreshing experience that is Lime Skunk, a truly spirited cannabis strain for the connoisseur and casual user alike.

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