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Liberty Haze

Also known as: names that differ from its original name. It's primarily known by its given name, Liberty Haze
Hybrid Hybrid THC 22% CBD 1%

Introducing the Liberty Haze cannabis strain, a celebrated hybrid known affectionately amongst enthusiasts for its distinctive mix and balanced qualities. The creation of this revered weed strain stems from a blend between the legendary G13 and the invigorating ChemDawg 91, resulting in a powerhouse hybrid that offers the best of both worlds.

Liberty Haze has earned a splendid reputation for its quick-acting, euphoria-inducing effects coupled with a unique flavour profile that weds zesty lime and lemon with an intriguing spicy-herbal twist. This colourful palette not only enchants the senses but has made Liberty Haze a favourite amongst those seeking relief from stress, depression, and anxiety, showcasing its prowess beyond mere recreation.

Embodying the essence of liberty with its uplift and relief, this cannabis strain stands as a testament to sophisticated genetic craftsmanship, offering a complex bouquet and a deeply invigorating experience that has captivated users worldwide. Liberty Haze represents a pinnacle of hybrid strains, encapsulating the perfect harmony between flavour, effect, and therapeutic potential.

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