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Jelly Runtz

Also known as: Jelly Runtz OG and Runtz Jelly
Hybrid Hybrid THC - CBD -

Discover the captivating Jelly Runtz cannabis strain, affectionately known amongst enthusiasts as simply "Jelly Runtz." This exceptional Hybrid creation emerges from the seamless blending of the illustrious Zkittlez and Gelato strains, combining their finest attributes. Jelly Runtz has swiftly gained recognition for its unique and delightful flavour profile, boasting hints of pear, flowery nuances, and a zest of lime that promises a sensory delight with each use. Beyond its alluring tastes, Jelly Runtz is celebrated for producing euphoric effects that elevate mood while offering deep relaxation, making it a preferred choice for those battling Anxiety, Arthritis, and Insomnia. As a weed strain that wonderfully encapsulates the best of both worlds, Jelly Runtz stands out in the cannabis community, providing a harmonious balance of uplifting and soothing effects nestled within an unforgettable flavour bouquet.

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