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Hippie Crippler

Also known as: Hippie Killer
Hybrid Hybrid THC 18% CBD 1%

Introducing the Hippie Crippler cannabis strain, affectionately known within circles as simply "The Crippler." This dynamic Hybrid marvel is a potent concoction born from the union of AK-47 and Blue Satellite. Revered for its potent effects and a flavour profile that dances between pine, spicy-herbal nuances, and sweet undertones, the Hippie Crippler weed strain has earned its stripes in the cannabis community.

Notoriously celebrated for its ability to deliver a powerful euphoria that can immobilise even the most seasoned enthusiasts, it’s no surprise it's nicknamed after its capacity to 'cripple' the unprepared. The amalgamation of its rich genetic heritage bestows an enduring, uplifting experience cherished by many.

Medical users prize the Hippie Crippler for its efficacy in alleviating symptoms of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, attributing to its balanced genetic makeup. This cannabis strain is a testament to the perfect symphony between relaxation and invigoration, making it a favoured choice for both medicinal and recreational consumers seeking a memorable escape.

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