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Hawaiian Haze

Also known as: Hawaiian Haze CBD
Sativa Sativa THC 17% CBD 1%

Introducing the Hawaiian Haze cannabis strain, often affectionately nicknamed simply "Haze" by enthusiasts, it's a high-flying Sativa that promises a burst of euphoria. This vibrant strain is the offspring of the exotic Hawaiian variety blended with the classic Haze, embodying a lineage as rich and lush as its flavour profile. Renowned for its iconic aroma and taste, Hawaiian Haze bursts with the tropical trio of pineapple, mango, and a hint of earthiness, transporting users straight to the serene beaches of its namesake island.

Beyond its enticing flavours and aroma, Hawaiian Haze is celebrated for its ability to lift moods, making it a popular choice for those battling Anxiety, Stress, and Depression. Its energising effects not only invigorate the mind but also encourage creative endeavours, making the Hawaiian Haze weed strain a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs seeking relief or simply a taste of tropical paradise.

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