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Guava Jelly

Also known as: Guava Jelly CBD, and Guava Jelly OG
Hybrid Hybrid THC 17% CBD -

Introducing the Guava Jelly cannabis strain, an exquisite Hybrid marvel also affectionately known as "GJ". This delightful strain is the offspring of a unique blend between the Wedding Cheesecake, Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Strawberry Kush strains, culminating in its irresistible allure. Guava Jelly is renowned for its captivating flavour profile that dances across the tastebuds with notes of peach, pear, and mango, making every session a tropical getaway.

Beyond its enchanting aromas and tastes, Guava Jelly is sought after for its powerful effects on mood and mind. It offers a blissful escape from the grips of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, promoting a sense of serene euphoria and well-being. As a weed strain, Guava Jelly stands out in the cannabis community for its therapeutic benefits and sumptuous bouquet, making it a top choice for connoisseurs seeking relief and sublime relaxation.

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