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Grandpa’s Breath

Also known as: Granddaddy's Breath and GDP Breath
Indica Indica THC 19% CBD 1%

Descend into serenity with the Grandpa’s Breath weed strain, fondly nicknamed 'The Old Man'. This Indica strain is bred from Danky Doodle and OG Kush, a beautiful crossbreed that gave us the blissful tranquillity of Grandpa’s Breath. Famous for its calming prowess, its effects are dream-like, gently whispering relaxation throughout the body in each breath. Lavender, grape, and violet subtly dance in the flavour profile, leaving a soothing and alluring finish on the palette. Known to help in areas of Anxiety, Stress and Pain, this cannabis strain serves as a comforting companion to therapeutic applications. Crafted to encapsulate warmth, this weed strain radiates comfort and a strong sense of tranquillity. Unravel in the tender embrace of Grandpa’s Breath cannabis strain, your haven to unwind and find relief. Wrap yourself in its soothing lullaby and discover an enriched sense of serenity.

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