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Glitter Bomb

Also known as: Glitterbomb
Hybrid Hybrid THC 21% CBD 1%

Unleash the magic with the "Glitter Bomb cannabis strain", often known as the shimmering star of Hybrid strains. With mysterious origins and parent strains closely guarded by its cultivators, Glitter Bomb made a spectacular entrance to the cannabis world. Boasting a dynamic blend of blueberry, pear, and grape flavours, the Glitter Bomb weed strain lingers on your palate like a sparkling summer cocktail. Known for its blissfully relaxing effects, it's perfect for combatting anxiety, stress, and depression. With each inhale, consumers can expect a wave of euphoria that makes cares feel lighter than air. As the name suggests, every puff of this cannabis strain delivers an explosion of thrilling sensations and unforgettable flavours. Glitter Bomb is truly a hidden gem in the cannabis universe, offering a captivating journey for both seasoned smokers and curious beginners. Embrace the magic of Glitter Bomb and experience the glittering calm it brings.

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