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Gas Monkey

Also known as: Gas Monkey OG and Gas Monkey Kush
Hybrid Hybrid THC 19% CBD 1%

Introducing the Gas Monkey cannabis strain, a potent Hybrid also affectionately known as "GM". This unique blend inherits its complex qualities from parent strains Grease Monkey and Gas, concocting a powerful genetic lineage that ensures a memorable experience.

Gas Monkey is renowned for its distinct flavour profile that intriguingly combines skunk, chemical, and ammonia notes, wrapped in an aromatic paradox that entices the senses. This cannabis strain is celebrated not only for its unique taste but also for the profound effects it delivers. Enthusiasts praise Gas Monkey for its ability to induce deep relaxation while sparking creativity, making it a favourite among those seeking solace from the day's stress.

Medicinally, this weed strain is sought after for its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, offering a therapeutic refuge for many.

As a weed strain that captivates with its peculiar flavour and therapeutic potential, Gas Monkey stands out as a remarkable choice for connoisseurs and medical users alike. With its roots firmly planted in the cannabis world, it continues to leave a lasting impression on all who embark on the Gas Monkey journey.

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