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Frosted Donut

Also known as: Frosted Doughnut
Hybrid Hybrid THC 27% CBD 1%

The Frosted Donut cannabis strain, sometimes affectionately nicknamed the 'Sweet Indulgence', is a delectable hybrid blend stirring up the cannabis community. This unique strain ingeniously combines the genetics of its parent strains, crafting an ambrosial experience that's truly one-of-a-kind. Its origins deliver a fascinating story of crossbreeding that gives Frosted Donut its remarkable characteristics.

Frosted Donut weed strain is renowned for its distinctive flavour profile, an enticing mix of apple, honey, and berry notes that tantalise the taste buds. Its fame isn't just in its taste; the effects of relaxation, creativity, and euphoria make it a go-to for cannabis enthusiasts seeking both pleasure and functionality.

Medically, Frosted Donut has shown efficacy in alleviating conditions such as Anxiety, Pain, and Stress, offering a natural alternative for sufferers. This cannabis strain stands out as a versatile choice for both recreational and medicinal users, encapsulating a perfect blend of flavour, effects, and therapeutic benefits in every bud.

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