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Fresh Powder

Also known as: Powdered Donuts
Hybrid Hybrid THC - CBD -

The Fresh Powder cannabis strain, occasionally nicknamed "Snowfall", stands as a captivating Hybrid, born from the cross between the iconic strains of Haze and Northern Lights. Celebrated for its unique fusion of menthol, mint, and apple flavours, Fresh Powder has quickly garnered recognition among aficionados for its refreshing taste and invigorating effects.

This particular weed strain is lauded not only for its exceptional flavour profile but also for its ability to lift spirits and energise the user, making it a preferred choice for individuals battling Depression, Fatigue, and Stress. The genetic blend from its parent strains endows Fresh Powder with a balanced harmony of Sativa and Indica effects, ensuring a versatile experience.

Overall, the Fresh Powder cannabis strain offers a fresh and frosty take on the traditional cannabis experience, combining a crisp flavour palette with potent therapeutic benefits, thus establishing itself as a noteworthy option within the cannabis community.

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