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Also known as: Creme Brulee and Creme Brulee Kush
Hybrid Hybrid THC - CBD -

Introducing the Flan cannabis strain, affectionately known among enthusiasts as "Custard's High". This intriguing Hybrid variety is born from the marriage of two delectable parent strains, which remain shrouded in mystery, giving Flan its unique allure. Well-regarded for its distinctive flavour profile that intriguingly combines blue-cheese, ammonia, and a hint of cheese, Flan has become a standout strain in the cannabis community.

Flan is celebrated not just for its taste, but also for the balanced euphoria it delivers, making it a favourite among those seeking relief from depression, fatigue, and inflammation. The Flan weed strain offers a complex bouquet of effects and flavours, showcasing the artistry in cannabis breeding. True to its Hybrid nature, it provides a perfect equilibrium of uplifting and soothing sensations, embodying the essence of cannabis craftsmanship. Whether you're a connoisseur or a newcomer, the Flan cannabis strain promises a genuinely exquisite experience.

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