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Cookies Kush

Also known as: Girl Scout Cookies Kush and GSC Kush
Indica Indica THC 19% CBD 1%

Introducing the Cookies Kush cannabis strain, a remarkable Indica that's also affectionately known as simply "Cookies". This potent weed strain emerges from a lineage of champions, being a cross between the beloved Girl Scout Cookies and the classic Rolex Kush. Cookies Kush has swiftly gained fame for its captivating effects, enveloping users in a blissful blanket of relaxation, making it a standout choice for those seeking solace from stress, anxiety, and pain.

Its flavour profile is a delectable fusion of sweet, pungent, and mint undertones, providing a sensorial delight with each inhale. Beyond its soothing effects, Cookies Kush has garnered recognition in the cannabis community for its medical applications, offering a natural alternative for symptom management.

Embodied by its rich genetic heritage and renowned for its therapeutic benefits, the Cookies Kush cannabis strain encompasses the pinnacle of Indica-dominant excellence, making it a favoured choice among both recreational and medicinal users seeking quality and efficacy.

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