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Cookies and Chem

Also known as: Chem Cookies and Chem Scout
Hybrid Hybrid THC 24% CBD 1%

Dive into the invigorating world of the Cookies and Chem cannabis strain, an enchanting Hybrid marvel also affectionately known as 'CnC'. This potent strain emerges from the union of the iconic Girl Scout Cookies and the pungent Starfighter, mixed with an undisclosed Chemdawg variant, crafting its unique profile. Cookies and Chem is celebrated for its distinctive fusion of flavours – a tantalising cocktail of chemical tangs, ripe apricots, and a peppery finish that lingers on the palate. Besides its captivating taste, Cookies and Chem is renowned for its balanced effects, offering a euphoric uplift that smoothly transitions into profound relaxation, making it a favourite amongst those seeking reprieve from Stress, Pain, and Depression. As a weed strain that effortlessly blends the robust genetics of its parents, Cookies and Chem stands as a testament to the artistry in cannabis cultivation, providing users not only with relief but an unparalleled sensory journey.

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